Girl Like You - Stevie Hoang

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Lời bài hát: Girl Like You

Ca sĩ: Stevie Hoang

Bài hát: Girl Like You - Stevie Hoang

(Hook x4)
I’ve been lookin for a girl like you
I’ve been lookin for, for a shawty like you
For a shawty like you

Yeah I was wide all awake in the middle of the night
Just stayin with my girl by my side
Cuz when she turn around straight out the ____(?) and then
I just smile scratchin’ my hair
I don’t really know but I take a guess
Took a couple seconds, talk really ___(?)
If we never meet
I’ve been playin’ video games throw the night
Havin’ those thoughts every now and then
I’ve been________(?) every day if I never saw your face
Yes I never ball and hangin’ at the door
Got one picture frame on the wall
If I was a single mad, I roll this much as true
I’ve been lookin’ for a girl like you

(Hook x4)

Yeah, I don’t know just where I will be
If I didn’t have you here next to me
And even if I could go back and live my life again
I won’t change a single thing
Cuz baby I do, I rather be in love then out there all alone
Let you learn life and all this crack go to me
If you out here with me
I’ve been watchin’ confort films til the mornin’ lights
Still be in the club on the Friday night
I’ve been spend the weekend spend the football games
If I never saw your face
I was a lazy boy chair in the loange
But if I was a single man, I told this ....
I’ve been looking for a girl like you
I wish that I could make her see
Just how much you mean to me
So I had to get close and whisper in her ear
You know I rather be right here with you by my side
Then out there on the lose on the Friday night
You know, the very best in all bout my day
Is wakin’ up to see your face
I rather have this ring on my hand
Every day, every single day
Baby I don’t know just what I will do
If I never meet a girl like you

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